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    Xerjoff Jtc Don Edp 100ml
    Xerjoff Jtc Don Edp 100ml

Top Notes:Gunpowder, Money, Cuban tobacco, Whiskey, Molasses


Great perfume

Super smell, I'm very happy, after the purchase I'll buy again


Excellent perfume

What a pleasant surprise this fragrance was. The name and the notes were somewhat off putting to me. I generally don't gravitate towards the whole 'gangster' thing in perfumes. This is quite a beautiful fragrance. The opening is a gunpowder accord mixed with some spices such as pepper, alongside whisky and tobacco. The whisky note, which starts off quite strong and woody, slowly becomes sweeter as the whole composition settles down. what you're left with is a smoky, sweet and very masculine fragrance that's unique and surprisingly good. One of my favourites from this line, alongside 40 knots. Performance like all Xerjoff's is excellent.

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