Top Note:Lemon, Gunpower

Heart/Middle Note;Whisky, Suger Cane

Base Note:Tobacco


Good scent

The scent is nice, it seems persistent, but I think it's a man's affair.



Xerjoff Don is a great fragrance that transports you to another era in time with its intoxicating aromas of sugar, whiskey, gunpowder and tobacco. It’s is very sweet, smoky and there is definitely a delicious whiskey note in there tempting you to stay with this fragrance until the end of the mysterious olfactory journey. A boss of a fragrance for sure that as the name suggests evokes images of walking into a bar in the 1920’s-1940’s, I’m sure you would see a Mafioso who is impeccably dressed from head to toe calmly smoking a cigar and drinking whisky. That is who and what I picture whenever I wear this fragrance.Longevity is anything from 7-12 hours which in my eyes is excellent and projection is pretty strong too, I could detect the aroma of Don encompassing around me for quite a while. Don by the luxury house Xerjoff is truly a jewel in their crown of many jewels, and one jewel that I have the pleasure to own, and one that I enjoy wearing especially on special occasions when I'm dressed in a nice suit.Overall, this fragrance is flawlessly blended and thought out in regards to its distinct aromas which make it a truly suave and sophisticated scent.Bravo Xerjoff. Bravo

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