Casamorati 1888 Regio Eau De Parfum's distinctive aroma is a sublime blend of fresh citrus and hand picked lavender flowers. A bouquet of exquisite spices and rare precious woods exemplify Xerjoff's olfactory mission.

XERJOFF CASAMORATI is a collection of perfumes inspired by the ancient art of Italian perfumery. The collection reconstructs the history of this important Italian perfume house with the intention of preserving the historical and artistic heritage of the glamorous Art Nouveau era.


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Eau de Parfum
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Beautiful Perfumes

This is a beautiful Xerjoff creation. Instead of the typical amber bead of others xerjoff fragances, here we have an ambrette-carnation-plum bead. A retro chypre with an amazing citrus opening! I wish the citrus accord could last longer, but very soon after the application, all the ingredients come together in a happy and uplifting symphony. Joy in a bottle!

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