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Ormonde Jayne Nawab Of Oudh Edp 120ml

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Nawab of Oudh is, essentially, the spirit of a traditional Indian attar wrapped up in the format of a Western spray fragrance. Think a mass of jammy rose petals, fermented magnolia blossoms, and pandan leaf over a warm, spicy amber mercifully free of any vanilla that might weigh it down. The traditional Indian attar tends towards the lean and spicy rather than sweet or fatty, and this is a style carried through very faithfully to Nawab of Oudh........

For those afraid of oud, don’t worry – in Nawab of Oudh, the oud note is there only to gild the other accords with a hint of something animalic, in much the same way as civet was used in classic French perfumery. The main body of this beautiful, majestic fragrance is that warm, salt leather amber wrapped around intensely fragrant rose petals, orange peel, and magnolia, with just a hint of the nobly-rotting wood of oud peeking through the slats every now and then. Richly braided and embroidered in the Indian tradition, Nawab of Oudh will make you feel like, well, a Nawab...............


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