5 Affordable Makeup Items You Should Introduce To Your Makeup Pouch

5 Affordable Makeup Items You Should Introduce To Your Makeup Pouch

You deserve to be pampered and appreciated! What better way than to buy affordable makeup items online. Fill your makeup pouch with necessities that will transform your appearance in seconds. Imagine being invited to an impromptu work lunch. Your make-up pouch will help you get ready and looking like a star in just a few minutes.

Outshine your work colleagues with these 5 affordable makeup items. Read more to learn what your make-up pouch needs.

Foundation Or Concealer

Flaws and skin blemishes are part of our identity. It is important to be confident in your skin and celebrate each flaw proudly. But there are days when we just want to conceal our skin spots to boost our confidence.

Carrying a foundation and concealer can be a lifesaver on days you need a quick fix. The right type of foundation should give you medium coverage and match with your skin color and undertones. If you have dry skin, use a foundation that goes with your skin type. For more casual occasions try an inexpensive drugstore foundation.

For blemishes and dark, spots it’d be best to use a concealer. Whether you’re in the car or elevator, concealers do the job smooth and fast. You could get concealers in stick or liquid depending on your skin type.

A lighter concealer shade would be ideal for dark circles and spots. Always opt for a concealer that is one or half a shade lighter than your skin tone.

You might not always need foundation when you have a concealer. For quick fixes, concealers can do the job of two.

Take a look at the different concealers and color correctors priced at affordable rates at French Fragrance.

Blush Kit

For the beautiful canvas that is your face, you need some color.  A hint of soft rose on your cheekbones will enhance your skin, especially if you’re wearing foundation or concealer. A blush kit will have a few shades and brushes too, giving you many tools for a little amount.

Depending on the occasion, you may choose how bright a color you want on your cheeks. For a more natural look, make sure you use very little and light blush. Going overboard can give you a bit of a clownish look.

To highlight your cheekbones, your brush strokes should be going diagonally upward above your ear.  Get a rosy tint with the best set of brushes from French Fragrance.

Lip Cosmetics

Whether you prefer lipstick or lip-gloss, lip cosmetics are an absolute necessity. Lip colors complete your look. Keep a few shades in your bag and apply when you need to freshen up.

You could get some sweet pink shades or be bold with a bright red. For a funky vibe, pair your outfit with a purple or blue shade. Buy cosmetic products and gift sets online for your makeup pouch.


The most common product to give your eye the final touch has got to be the “Mascara.” Voluminous, long and sultry eyes have always been a beauty must. While jet black mascaras have always been a popular choice, most brands are coming up with a range of colored mascaras taking the market by a storm as they add a beautiful pop to the final look.

Simply applying any kind of mascara—voluminous, elongated or a funky color, depending on your preference—would most definitely make the eye pop and complete your final look. Applying mascara can never go wrong in your makeup look as it will always bring that depth and drama to your eyes.

For those who prefer more drama to their eyes, false lashes are the way to go. They come as synthetic or mink and are very easy to apply. The packaging of the lashes always tells you what they are offering, making it easy to envision what look you may prefer. There are various sizes depending on your eye shape, moreover, you could either opt for single lashes to give a natural pop or you could buy an entire lash for a dramatic effect.

Setting Spray

Much like a primer, there’s another contender in the market that will keep your makeup stay in place all day- setting spray/powder. This product allows your makeup to stay on your face without budging and is just as important as face primers, if not more.

The good news is that setting sprays come in a range of different formulas depending on your skin type and the kind of finish you want. With the use of setting sprays after finishing your makeup routine, you could let your skin look radiant, dewy or matte. This product is a definite must if you want your makeup to last all day!

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