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What Perfumes You Should Consider for the Summer Months

What Perfumes You Should Consider for the Summer Months

Tips for Selecting Perfume for the Summer 

When you enter the summer months, you’ll want to find fragrances and perfume that match the season. Many of the events that you go to in the summer might be a nice night out on a patio for dinner, a party at a friend’s house, or another event where you’ll want the best fragrance for the occasion. During the summer months, you might travel, be with friends or participate in celebrations. It is important to find a perfume that you like. These practical tips will help guide you as you are purchasing from French Fragrance.

Choose something with a lighter scent trail

Some people choose to go with a lighter fragrance during the summer. If you are usually wearing an EDP, you might want to consider cutting down to an EDT during the summer months. An EDT will be less concentrated and also lighter to wear in the heat. An EDT might be more beneficial because some of the notes will stay a little bit more consistently during the life of the wear of the perfume. 

Give the perfume a try outside 

If you are trying your perfume out at the store, go ahead and spray yourself with the tester and step outside for a bit. Perfumes and fragrances tend to react differently in the heat than they do indoors. If the perfume’s fragrance notes are as lively outside as they are inside of the store, then you have a winner. 

Go with notes that match the season 

When purchasing perfume, for the summer, notes like mint, ginger, and lavender will work best for long days and longer nights. Some other popular summer notes will include roses, orange blossom, jasmin, lilly, bergamot, lemon, and lime. As a rule of thumb, try to look for citrus, floral top notes and wood, grassy bases to get the most out of your perfume during the summer months.

Some people only will buy single-note scents during the summer

Many scents will live out their life over the wear based upon how concentrated they are. However, hot weather can make the notes in a particular scent bleed out, meaning that your scent will lose its appeal. Single-note scents, such as lavender, jasmine, and even vanilla have a long staying power. They will last the full course of the wear, even in the heat of summer. 

Try some of the recommended perfumes from French Fragrance

If you are looking to enjoy your perfumes throughout the summer, try French Fragrance. All of our summer sale products are great brands and are affordable. They are also ones that are popular and will last through the heat of summer. Don’t just try one scent. Buy several for each of the different occasions that you might participate in during the summer months.

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