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The Right Fragrance for the Right Personality

The Right Fragrance for the Right Personality

People select a perfume or cologne for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps a certain men’s fragrance has a very memorable note. Maybe a perfume has a certain floral note that reminds someone of their mother or grandmother. Fragrances play a very important role in things that we connect with in our past and present situations. However, certain types of notes may help project a certain type of personality. Let’s take a look at some of the fragrances that go with certain types of personalities. 

Classic, Corporate, and Sophisticated 

Those who work in the corporate world are very used to a certain type of environment. Their workspace is probably uncluttered, organized, and highly structured. For women, something floral might be fitting for the corporate environment. For men, they might like a muskier wood note in their cologne to fit the corporate work environment.

Relaxed and Casual 

Some people don’t particularly care for a certain scent when they are at work and long for the time away when they can relax and be casual. Practical and functional might be some terms that describe this personality type also. Woody types of notes, perhaps with citrus, lavender, and spices might be a good fit for this personality. Some people of this personality type might settle for a scented lotion if a perfume or cologne is too powerful for them. 

Dramatic and Formal 

This type of personality might have a fast-paced job, enjoy a night out at the theater or a classy club, or enjoy something where they are the center of the attention. For these personality types, oriental notes, spices, and heavier florals might be a good fit. Musk, cinamon, and other spices combined with woods and resins could be some other possibilities to project this personality.  

Introverted and Creative 

This type of personality might benefit from unique and notable types of perfumes/colognes. These notes should be stimulating, distinctive, but also intriguing. The notes of spice, wood, and floral can be suitable for the creative personality type. Artisan and quieter celebrity scent brands may be a good fit for this type of individual. 

The Ones Who Choose Not To Conform

Those who are rebellious and want to do something different from everyone else command a certain type of note combination in their cologne or perfume. This individual may like honey, wood, or even a tobacco type of scent in their combination of notes. Things that bear a scent to leather will also be suitable for this personality type. Along with clothes and style, scent is going to be very unique for this type of personality. 

Find a scent through experimentation 

At French Fragrance, we carry a wide variety of colognes, perfumes, and other fragrance products that will match your personality. If you are looking to make a change and try something different, we also have something that is just for you. 

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Rachel Sprung

Author: Rachel Sprung

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Rachel Sprung has been in the spa/beauty/aesthetics industry for nearly 15 years and have worked, managed, and trained in high-end spas & clinics in the UK, Qatar, Dubai, and now Abu Dhabi. She is a lover of all things skin, wellness, and beauty.


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