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Selecting the Best Bridal Fragrances

Selecting the Best Bridal Fragrances

When you are a member of the wedding party, the bride, or even just a guest at the reception, selecting the right fragrance is important. As with every experience of the wedding, the scent is part of something that you will remember forever. Here are a few tips that will help select the right fragrance for a wedding day.

Consider some of the scents that will be part of the wedding 

Planning the wedding can be the start of the process of selecting a swath of perfumes for the bridal party. The notes of the perfumes worn can be tied to the bouquet or flowers used during the wedding. Pastel colors in bouquets and flowers at the wedding can be harmonized with light floral scents. Darker colors in dresses or other themes of the wedding can be complemented with nicer, bolder scents. Something in line with what members of the bridal party usually wear, but nice enough to go with the occasion is also always a good bet. 

Consider depth in the meaning of the wedding 

Maybe the wedding is taking place in a certain setting or perhaps the vows were written in a certain way. Sometimes, citrus and lighter scents are a great way to offset the nerves felt by the bride on the special day. On other occasions, stronger notes might be appropriate. Ouds and woody scents might be appropriate to symbolize the permanence of romance present at a wedding ceremony. 

Consider the date, time, and setting of the wedding 

No person’s pH is the same. When sampling perfumes before the wedding, consider the wrist, neck, and joints, as this is where the perfume should be spritzed on the most for the best wear. Lighter notes are probably better for daytime weddings that are in the sun. Evening weddings might call for stronger notes, but ultimately, at the end of the day, perfumes selected for a wedding should be selected by what feels and smells the best. 

Make sure everyone has a chance to sample the scent

When you are planning your wedding or are a member of the bridal party, get a sense of what will work best ahead of the special day. For some weddings, this may be discussed during the actual wedding planning. Some brides may invite their bridal party to wear what they’d like, but it’s always best to know ahead of time what flowers and scents will be present at the wedding. If you are a bridal guest, sometimes hints of the wedding theme will be present on the wedding website. Pick something that goes nice with the flowers, but wear what you think will be best for the occasion. 

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Rachel Sprung has been in the spa/beauty/aesthetics industry for nearly 15 years and have worked, managed, and trained in high-end spas & clinics in the UK, Qatar, Dubai, and now Abu Dhabi. She is a lover of all things skin, wellness, and beauty.


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