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Giving the Gift of Fragrance

Giving the Gift of Fragrance

Perfume and cologne always is a great gift option. It’s usually on the more valuable and thoughtful gifts to give. It also will last someone a long time and indicate that you have thought deeply about the gifts you are giving. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that will help you select the right perfume or cologne

Take your time selecting the fragrance 

If you don’t know what type of fragrance the person might like, take your time doing research. You might find out what types of magazines the person reads, some of their favorite flowers, or some of their favorite celebrities. This will help you research the type of fragrance that might be a good fit for them. Also, go ahead and ask in passing. If you find out a type of fragrance or oil that they use, you might be able to select a gift set that will bode well for the gift giving occasion.

Buy a fragrance for the right type of occasion 

If you are buying a gift for someone who is graduating from college or has just landed a job, you might be able to find them a scent just for the occasion. For a younger gentleman starting their first job, you might try selecting a Michael Jordan cologne. 

For an anniversary, you might want to buy a more expensive perfume to commemorate the occasion. Careful research will always help you find the right scent, the right brand, but most importantly, the right gift. 

Ask the opinion of someone close to the recipient

This is always a good way to find the right type of scents for someone. If you are buying a fragrance for someone you have just started dating, ask their siblings. You might also ask their closest friends. Their friends might be able to suggest what types of perfumes/colognes they like or dislike.

Research their personality type a little bit more

A classy personality might warrant a certain type of perfume or cologne. For example, a classy woman who likes formal events might like Elizabeth Taylor. A more modern personality might like the lightest celebrity perfume. 

Lighter personality types might be a good match for a floral note, while fruitier notes (like lemon and limes) might work for a more colorful personality. Doing some research about their personality type will help you give them a cologne or perfume with just the right note to help them project their personality. 

Give the thoughtful gift of fragrances

Colgones, perfumes, and other types of fragrances are going to be a thoughtful gift. They tend to be a bit pricier, but this type of gift is indicative that the friendship or relationship is extremely important to you. French Fragrance is the top place to buy fragrances for the men and women that matter in your life. 

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Rachel Sprung

Author: Rachel Sprung

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Rachel Sprung has been in the spa/beauty/aesthetics industry for nearly 15 years and have worked, managed, and trained in high-end spas & clinics in the UK, Qatar, Dubai, and now Abu Dhabi. She is a lover of all things skin, wellness, and beauty.


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